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  1. aaRON LACRATE IS A FUCING DOUCHEBAG, using hollertronix w/o diplos permission……, i bought some shit offa his website and he never came through. He exploits bmore club music for his own gains, he does not keep it real….im surprised he chillin with dj class

  2. hahahahaha, if I remember correctly B-more Gutter Music was mixed by aaron lacrate & low budget! I think it’s really funny how everyone kinda chooses to forget about low budget, it’s like mike never existed?!? Cause there were 2 member’s of hollertronix, right???
    And last time I checked aaron lacrate is ACTUALLY from baltimore, not like some poser hippie wackjob from florida who moved to philly & becomes a dick rider, thats until he’s played out by his ex-girl…hahahahahaha
    …how you like them facts “Phil”???

    Aaron LaCrate, Debonair Samir, Mike Mumbles, K-Spin, Murda Mike & Da Yo Boyz – WHO DA FUK IZ U YO?

  3. hey,you wish-heres a real fact
    aaron lacrate,scottie b,booman,rod lee,technics,samir or whoever wouldnt b spoken about in this space at all if it wasnt for diplo and low budget taking the music to a new audience for poser,hippies like urself(hipsters always claim not to b,funniest shit i ever heard).aaron wasnt interested in anything bmore after he left bmore until he saw kids having parties he had someone cultural connect with that reminded him of fever days and playing bmore,he thought he had a jump on them because he knew the dudes in bmore vaguely,and also knew they didnt know what was happening,so he could really get himself going w the connects in music and fashoin he had in ny.whether that makes him smart or opportunist,whatever.he’s NOT a producer at all,nor is he a club/house dj.but he is a pretty decent hip hop dj.he sees opportunity and doesnt let it past.i will say his motives are self seeking and his ways are very debatable.the rest of those guys u wouldnt know a lotta bout either if it wasnt for the same reason…and i do understand when i click you wish that it goes to hypebeast,so i totally get why the lacrate support(and the diplo hate)…no problem.but that is the objective facts.

  4. i will say this in lacrates defense
    if u guys used that energy positively that u hate him so much w
    u would b twice as far
    too much attention
    the world either hates or not
    and it moves on
    at one time-he was a very good hip hop dj.
    not disaggree-ing w phil at all-but all u can do is be better than whatever problem u have.

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