David Guetta & 50 Cent – Bullshit & Party

My friend DJ Punish is one of the artists we plugged a lot in the beginning. We blogged the track ‘Meet her at baltimore‘ on the internet as first.

Now DJ Guetta did a new track with ‘rapper’ 50 Cent. Listen to the Guetta version and the DJ Punish version and tell me the difference…

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  1. I doubt that is even Guetta. The beat used in the background is ‘Meet Her at the Love Parade’ by Da Hool. It sounds like a mash-up someone did and somehow Guetta’s name was put on it in typical Youtube fashion.

  2. Damn guetta…didn’t even try to change the beat up lol.
    Can’t support this unless punish gets something out of this.
    But at the end of the day………THAT’S THE MUSIC BUSINESS!!!
    You better believe it’s cut throat

  3. while the synth tone is pretty similar, i’m not sure its outright theivary. besides, they’re both a ripoff of the Vengaboys track from the mid 90s.

  4. Maybe this is a Mash-up? Ripped from a set? Of the acapella over Punish’s Remix? I seriously don’t see Guetta releasing a song like this, the production isn’t great and the vocals sound quite awful over Punish’s beat. It has to be a mash-up for sure IMO.

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