Big Boob Bitch(From Murder Mark presents Horny Girls)

@murdermark @daiburger @tttheartist This joint is a bmore club remix of a track I produced called Sweaty Tees which will be featured on TT The Artists’ “Money Monsta” mixtape. I stole the vocals from that session to create this banger and its kinda of like the follow up to my song Bad Bitches Drop It […]

Murder Mark presents Horny Girls

@murdermark @tttheartist @daiburger @mikemikezome @sheiladyeah This is the second release in my monthly mixtape series. Murder Mark presents Horny Girls is for the ladies to shake that ass on the dance floor and features some of the most sexually provocative tracks out. Please visit and Subscribe by clicking the link . Be on the lookout for […]


@tttheartist @murdermark @zoment Dark City: Beneath The Beat is a documentary capturing the rising Baltimore Club music scene by highlighting some of the leading producers, recording artist, dancers, performance venues, and djs within the local community. Through the voices of a community overshawdowed by hate, drugs, and violence music and dance have become symbols of […]