That Kawaii Club At It’s Finest!!! <3333333 Big Ups To Japan & FLIGHT TOKYO!!!!! Make Sure You Hit That Follow Button On Soundcloud @flight_tokyo Track Id 1.) Star Spot Into Heaven Intro (In Honor Of Mr Satoru Iwata RIP) 2.) Dance To The Beat To The – tofubeats 3.) Trippy’s Theme (tofubeats Bootleg) 4.) Tiger […]

MFN’s Promo Mix For Disco Motion Records

Tracklist 1.) J Paul Getto – Music In The Streets 2.)95 Royale – Reached The Sky Above 3.)Wear Out The Big Love (J Paul Getto’s Love & Hate Mix) 4.)The Emotions – Best Of My Love (Funkhameleon Best Night Of My Life Remix) 5.) Audio Jacker – Without Love (Original Mix) 6.)Donna Summer – Mystery […]

One Love Japan <3 - MixingFiend'Nick

Tracklist 1.)TEARDROP (Content ID ?????) 2.)Pa’s Lam System – I’m Coming 3.)???? – ??????????????(You Don’t Stop Remix) 4.)Juicy (Jersey Party Yeah!!! “XOXO CHIAKING” Remix) 5.)X???????(remix)?????????/????????ED? 6.)Trap Of Love(remix) 7.)Shiggy Jr. – Listen To The Music(DJ WILDPARTY Remix) 8.)Ray – ebb and flow (HinonO Edit) 9.)????????????(bassmicrobe Remix) / Perfume 10.)Trap of Love (bassmicrobe remix) / ?????????? […]