TT The Artist Peforms New Bmore Club at Club Sonar In Bmore

Real Footage of Baltimore Club Music in action straight from Baltimore City. Follow Murder Mark and TT The Artist on Twitter. Murder Mark and Mike-Mike’s “The Party Starter Ep” Drops March 30th 2011

Lets Do It Again(Produced by Murder Mark)

A couple of years ago me and Mike-Mike teamed up with my friend Rell(Mr.R.E.Double L) and his group T.M.S. and to create this club banger called “Lets Do It Again”. The track was there first to hit 92q and was played in clubs around the city. I’m just getting y’all ready for the Murder Mark […]

New Mike-Mike and Murder Mark Hustle Hard Bmore Remix

I used this picture on purpose just because it was taken at the legendary Paradox in Baltimore,City. If you like Bmore Club and don’t know anything about the Paradox I suggest that you do a little research. I also threw another original track on here for free download titled “Throw It Up” and some behind […]

Murder Mark and Mike-Mike Party Starter Ep(Promo Mix)Ep Available March 30th

“So I got an email the other day,someone asked what happened to that ‘hardcore ganagsta bmore club’..whats up all wit all this pop stuff,top 40 stuff” and I said thats what in right now but if u want that real hardcore bmore club music that gets the party started I got you!!” Ladies and Gentlemen […]

Bmore Cherry Hill Club Dance!!!

Once upon a time two guys from Cherry Hill Projects decided to make a club song for their hood. There was always a popular Bmoreclub dance called the “Cherry Hill” or “What What” but an official theme was needed. Ladies and Gentlemen…Cherry Hill and Down Ya Block!!! Shout Out To Dj K-Spin and Young H.I.D. […]