From New Jersey 2 Japan |Phase 4|

1.)???? – ???????? (saqwz Remix) 2.)Crystal Kay – Think Of You (TOYO Remix) 3.)????????? ???ED?SKIP(HUGKISS Jersey EDIT)?ANIMENTSTRIKE??? 4.)Ayuse Kozue – Boyfriend (has Remix) 5.)???????Jersey Club Edit?[?????????? ED] 6.)Girls’ Generation(????) – Gee ~Onionjersey Mix~ 7.)? ???? – Musicmusic ? Goodintent ? Drainpuppet (Niconico Club Edit) 8.)Want to try dying this once? 9.)PonPonPon 10.)Renai Circulation (Samburg Mix) […]

MFN’s Promo Mix For Disco Motion Records

Tracklist 1.) J Paul Getto – Music In The Streets 2.)95 Royale – Reached The Sky Above 3.)Wear Out The Big Love (J Paul Getto’s Love & Hate Mix) 4.)The Emotions – Best Of My Love (Funkhameleon Best Night Of My Life Remix) 5.) Audio Jacker – Without Love (Original Mix) 6.)Donna Summer – Mystery […]