DJ AngelBaby & Mighty Mark – Avenue(Michael JR Remix)

@dj_angelbaby @MikeJayArrr @handsup410 Michael J.R. of Hands Up! takes DJ Angelbaby & Mighty Mark’s original hit song “Avenue” for a darker, high-energy, deep club spin-off. The remix gives additional flavor to the dance that started from Pennsylvania Avenue and since has swept the city and out to the whole nation. Show us your Avenue dance! […]

Bmore Cherry Hill Club Dance!!!

Once upon a time two guys from Cherry Hill Projects decided to make a club song for their hood. There was always a popular Bmoreclub dance called the “Cherry Hill” or “What What” but an official theme was needed. Ladies and Gentlemen…Cherry Hill and Down Ya Block!!! Shout Out To Dj K-Spin and Young H.I.D. […]