DJ J-Ball – Get The Club Buc 20-16


DJ J-Ball is back with a new track for club music lovers to check out. CHeck out how he came up with this one:

“One of my favorite club music producers is James Nasty. I just love how he puts his tracks together. The first time I heard his track GET THE CLUB BUC, I was at work sitting behind a counter and the store was completely empty. I must have repeated the song like 20 times paying attention to all aspects of the song most especially The Neptunes sample he used. Once I began doing my own tracks, I said I was gonna make my own version of the track.

I sat on my ass for years and truly getting comfortable with how I put my style together, I finally said it was time to do it. I told an old DJ Premier sample along with his samples and began doing the track. After its completion, I put it up on FB and got a response from him saying how much he liked it. Kinda meant everything to me. ”

Check out the finished product

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