The Birth Of Video Game Club Music


Ali The Producer (formerly known as DJ J-Ball) attended the Music and Gaming Festival (better known as MAGFest) in 2013 because of his huge love of video games. He sat at a workshop to help him improve his production quality. When he told the heads of the workshop what he does, he was told that was not real music. He laughed and left the room. He then began to think what he could do to combine his love of video games and his love for club music. Months later, Video Game Club Music was born.

He began to work on perfecting this new style of music which was getting great feedback. He started his own Bandcamp site to help release his music which is being released in a series known as MEGA DRIVEN. The series is getting decent reviews from friends and enthusiasts and he’s looking to expand his audience. He released a mix of the best of the tracks released thus far on Soundcloud. Here is where you will find the mix. You can also go to his Noisetrade┬ásite if you would like to download his releases. They are all for free but you can donate if you really like it.

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