Radicool! – 20 Minute Massacre

My lack of posting lately is due to some major school work, traveling and family bizness. However, I just finished a new mix. So it’s time for some shameless self-promotion!

There’s all kinds of club music out there; from Bmore, Jersey, Philly and Chicago to the rest of the world. There’s grimy original productions, bouncy remixes of mainstream hits, housey synth-based jams and so on.

For this mix I selected some of the craziest, most energetic club music tracks I could find. Featuring exclusives from the Brick Bandits crew, producers from the original Bodymore-Murderland and a few choices from Europe. This shit is heavy….you might inadvertently punch someone while listening.


Kazey and Bulldog – 4 Da Real Gs
Johnny Blaze and Mike Mumblez – Fight ‘Em
Rico Tubbs, B.Rich and T.I. – 24s
K.Gol – Like This One
Tomb Crew – Inna Dat
Nadus – Mama Said
Say Wut – Say Ayy
DJ R.L. – Let Me Hear You Say (Uhhhh!!!)
DJ Fade Feat. Young’n – Put Ya Hands Up (Remix)
DJ R.L. – Furious Break
DJ Tameil – Rude Boy Giddy Up
DJ Tameil – Disco Stick
DJ Tiga – Over

Radicool! – 20 Minute Massacre by Radicool!

Published by Radicool!

I'm a grad student in Toronto, Canada. I've been spinning for 11 years and producing off and on for 2. I've been a turntablist and funk/disco DJ for Bboy/Bgirl jams. Currently I spin Club Music, Electro, Juke, Bounce, UK Funky and Dancehall. [soundcloud.com/radicool]

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