One Love Japan <3 - MixingFiend'Nick

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1.)TEARDROP (Content ID ?????)
2.)Pa’s Lam System – I’m Coming
3.)???? – ??????????????(You Don’t Stop Remix)
4.)Juicy (Jersey Party Yeah!!! “XOXO CHIAKING” Remix)
6.)Trap Of Love(remix)
7.)Shiggy Jr. – Listen To The Music(DJ WILDPARTY Remix)
8.)Ray – ebb and flow (HinonO Edit)
9.)????????????(bassmicrobe Remix) / Perfume
10.)Trap of Love (bassmicrobe remix) / ?????????? from STAR?ANIS
11.)CLICK (bassmicrobe Remix) / ClariS
12.) Daijo Banai (?????????? ; I’m Not Ok) (bassmicrobe REMIX) / Perfume
13.)Bit By Bit (bassmicrobe Remix) / Pa’s Lam System
14.) life (HinonO Edit)
15.)??????????? (KAN TAKAHIKO Remix)
16.)WHITE ALBUM(Jersey Club Edit)

Bonus Mix For Japan <3


1.)??????? ?dj vdidvs Flip?
2.)BoA – Long Time No See (KBoW Jersey Remix)
3.)Merry Go Round (XOOOOXXOOOOX Remix)
4.)???Rain Rain (Dubclx JerseyClub Bootleg)
5.)Oto no Nai Yume (HinonO Edit)
6.)Soldier Game (Dubclx Jersey Club Bootleg)
7.)when i was a JK (Content ID ?????)

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