That Kawaii Club At It’s Finest!!! <3333333

Big Ups To Japan & FLIGHT TOKYO!!!!!

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Track Id

1.) Star Spot Into Heaven Intro (In Honor Of Mr Satoru Iwata RIP)
2.) Dance To The Beat To The – tofubeats
3.) Trippy’s Theme (tofubeats Bootleg)
4.) Tiger Track (the sub account Flip)
5. ) Freak Out (Original Mix) / the sub account
6.) Ururun Stars Remix – Itsu
7.) New Chocolate Case (moto kano edit)
8.) Euforia (moto kano edit)
9.) Mirage JET ( the sub account Jersey Edit)
10.) Find E daily (the sub account Flip)
11.) Let Me Beat With You (Mondaystudio Jersey Club Bootleg Remix)
12.) Lovely Party Collection (HUGKISS 130EDIT)
13.) Forest Interlude ( aran Remix)
14.) Mitchie M feat Hatsune Miku – irritability carefree boys (Mondaystudio Bootleg Remix)
15.) Can You See My Love (feat Yurina) (Mondaystudio Bootleg Remix)
16.) Love is light blue (syatten Progressive Remix )
17.) Yukipo.
18.) Victory Warfare Interlude
19.) Decision (Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme Remix) (In Honor Of The FFVII Remake)
20.) Good Night Until Tomorrow Outro

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