Brick City Club Files Vol.3 – DJ Nick

Jersey Club music by DJ Nick!

Brick City Club Files Vol.3 ( Back 2 School Edition)-DJ Nick by DJNick19

1.Airplanes-DJ K.Millz
2.Stranger-DJ Sliink
3.Who Gotta Donk-DJ Runnah Feat DJ J Heat
4.Reverse Cowgirl “Giddy Up”-DJ Jayhood
5.Night Off-DJ Fresh
6.Give It To Me ” Pound It”-DJ Yungkidd
7.Lets Get Crazy-DJ Tray
8.Booty Doo-DJ Runnah
9.Badonkadonk-DJ J Heat
10.Turn The Party Out-DJ Lock
11.Party Up-DJ Jonty
12.Already Taken-DJ Jonty
13.Lets Do It-DJ S.Dot
14.No Bullshit-DJ Sliink
15.Swagg On-DJ Gutta
16. Like Da Cars-DJ Tray
17.Fall In Love-Hot Rod
18.Find Your Love-DJ Gutta
19.Flex Theme-DJ Runnah
20.Back It Up “Ego”-DJ Jonty
21.Survivor-DJ Gutta Feat DJ Moralez
22.DJ Got Us Falling In Love-DJ Gutta
23.Tatted Up-DJ Runnah
24.Ain’t Bout Money-DJ Sliink
25.Love The Way You Lie-DJ Gutta Feat DJ Addiction
26.Billionaire-DJ Kaos

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  1. Hay how can i download this mix and mixtape vol.4? both are really tight! gotta rep that jersey!

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