Meet The Producers – DJ J-Ball

Welcome to another edition of Meet The Producers. It gives you a chance to find out about those who are making the tracks you dance and rock to based off a questionnaire they got. The answers that are posted here are not edited. They are shown exactly as they answered it. This edition of Meet The Producers features DJ J-Ball from New York.



REAL NAME: Jamal Myers
BIRTHPLACE: South Jamaica, New York (now resides in Quogue, New York)
AGE: 39
IDOLS IN THE CLUB GAME: DJ Technics, Rod Lee, DJ Tameil, Tim Dolla, Blaqstarr, Debonair Samir, Say Wut, DJ Booman
WHAT GOT YOU INTO CLUB MUSIC: About 10 years ago, I was in Baltimore and was walking in the street when this guy drove by blasting his radio. There was this song he was blasting and everybody outside was bopping their head. I never heard anything like it before in my life. I got back home and turned on my radio to 92Q where they were doing a mix of Baltimore Club and I was hooked.
FIRST CLUB TRACK YOU EVER MADE: The Microsoft Joint back in 2012
FAVORITE ARTISTS YOU LISTEN TO NOW: I listen to a lot of Jersey Club now. Definitely dig DJ Jayhood, Adolf Joker, DJ Problem, Kayy Drizz, 93rd, iMarkkeyz (from New York), DJ Lilman, and DJ Albyy. I also dig Mighty Mark, DJ Juwan, James Nasty, Rip Knoxx, and Matic from Baltimore. My favorite is DJ Sega from Philadelphia.
FAVORITE TRACKS OF YOURS: R.A.N.S.O.M. (Rotten Apple’s New Sound Of Music), Human Nature (Remix), Everything Remains Raw, and I Got To Have It
DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND: I really feel like my tracks don’t sound like club songs. I defintely dig the old sound with new school elements. Claps are my best friend. It’s how I work transitions.

CONTACT DJ J-Ball on Twitter at and listen to all of his joints on Soundcloud at


If you want to be featured in the Meet The Producers, get in contact with Jamal Myers at for a copy of the questionnaire.

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