4th Annual Jersey Club Awards


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending the Jersey Club Awards at the Newark Symphony Hall in New Jersey. It was an awesome event sponsored by The Connect and Project Hope that celebrated all aspects of Jersey Club music. From dancing, to hip-hop, to singing, all was on parade across that Symphony Hall stage. The event was hosted by Uncle Vin Rock (of Naughty By Nature fame) who gave so many positive messages to the youth in attendance as well as on stage. It was something I was honored to witness because of seeing how all that was involved were doing all they could to keep these kids off the streets and their dreams of making it to the next level alive.

I saw acts like The Connect, DJ Jayhood, X, MC Candy, Miss Nana, Insanity Dance Team, Darren Deac, DJ Lilman featuring Team Lilman, and so many others who repped that stage for Jersey. As an adult, I was very impressed and proud with the end result of the evening. Despite the bad weather, all who came out witnessed a great event and there were no problems with the law. As for the awards themselves, Team Lilman cleaned up winning Top Male and Female dancer, Best Producer (DJ 93rd), Best DJ, and Song Of The Year.


Check out some of the pics from the event.

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  1. Had a GREAT Time at the 4th Jersey Club Awards. Love the reception of Christian Walk that I received. Young kids was on stage getting it.. Looking to submit my club tracks to this site soon.

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