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Dark City: Beneath The Beat is a documentary capturing the rising Baltimore Club music scene by highlighting some of the leading producers, recording artist, dancers, performance venues, and djs within the local community.

Through the voices of a community overshawdowed by hate, drugs, and violence music and dance have become symbols of hope and a way “out  of the streets.” Due to the lack of recreation, safe places, and resources for Baltimore city artists to explore their creativity, vacant parking lots, basketball courts, closets, and bedrooms have become the breeding grounds for rising talent. For Murder Mark , a young aspiring producer, Baltimore club music is a reflection of the state of mind of the city “Rough, Dirty, Hard-Hitting…The Struggle.”

Dark City features the raw stories of a community that has been robbed and overlooked by the mainstream music industry. The sounds and influence of Baltimore club music and hip-hop can be heard throughout some of today’s billboard charting records. Major label artist and producers such as Will I Am, Kanye West, P. Diddy, MIA , Beyonce  and many more have kept their ears to the brewing streets of Baltimore city anticipating Baltimore club music as the next big musical genre to hit the world.

Dark city sponsor Artistland Productions has a diversified, talented network composed of writers, artists, graphic designers, videographers, entertainers, fashion designers, web developers, philanthropists, and business professionals. Artistland supports youth and provides networking resources for the community at large.  We are a community of driven, dedicated young people with the support of well-established community members who have shown interest in our endeavors.

Due to production costs for video equipment rentals, the completion, promotion and success of this project will rely on your donations.  Your support will contribute to promoting and encouraging the exposure of the talent of Baltimore City and placing Baltimore club music on the map along with other major musical genres!  

We appreciate your willingness to help us in this positive venture to make dreams come true.  As a supporter, you can assist us in some of the following ways: provide guidance on how to effectively market our vision to others, suggestions on how to make the many things that we aim for a reality, financial support, and advice on how securing more funding through grants, donations, and sponsorships.

Dark City is scheduled to premiere June 7, 2012 at the Creative Alliance Patterson Theatre in Baltimore, MD. 

“This film is dedicated to a city that has impacted my life and inspired me to share its story .” -Tt The Artist, Director Dark City: Beneath The Beat

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