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We did an interview with the beautiful Kellee Maize! Kellee Maize is a very talented girl from Pittsburgh who sings/raps over some Scottie B and King Tutt bmore beats! We did a little interview to introduce this girl to you! She also made a special page  where we can listen and download the tracks for free!

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On the photo we see a good looking blond girl, in the music we hear some mix between Lady gaga, MIA and Uffy on some Baltimore club music. Who exactly is Kellee Maize?

That is quite a compliment. Thanks! I am an entrepreneur, mystic, activist, dancer, performer and obviously a rapper/singer/songwriter/poet. 🙂 I am very into empowering females…..and men while in this process. I have a whole hard core world view about why it is important to empower women but I won’t get all crazy now, and it is hard to explain. (My first album would help a little 🙂

I am also very into quantum physics, creating your reality, questioning authority and staying positive despite what you find during the questioning. It’s hard but worth the try. I think we have a powerful force inside of each of us that can help transform the planet. The outside world reflects what is inside so we all have a responsibility to tune into the right frequency and add our positivity to the world as best we can. My music is the best vehicle I have found to do so and i feel like i was put here to do this 🙂 I feel like everyone has a very important gift to offer the world…and I think this is my purpose.

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I hear in the track Big Plans “My crew be unruly and my mind is clearl”! And I see Scotty B and King Tutt produced some tracks. What’s your connection with Baltimore?

That line specifically means I work with Unruly but I also mean that despite being around a lot of chaos, I am attempting to keep my mind clear, a vital part of transforming yourself so you can really be helpful….and the HARDEST THING for me to do! (not that unruly records is chaos but, the meaning of the word unruly…). I try to meditate as much as possible because my mind is always going. 🙂 It gets easier everyday but, we are still human.

My connection to Unruly came through my company, Nakturnal. We have been helping with some events in Baltimore for the last few years, not many recently however. We helped get some sponsorship for the first My Crew Be Unruly (AMAZING PARTY!!) and I attended to help carry out the sponsorship. I met Shawn that night and gave him my first album. A month later I hit him up to see if he checked it out. He said he really wanted to help me but didn’t work with too many hip hop producers, since Age of Feminine doesn’t have any club or electronic beats. I said I wanted to rhyme over some bmore club. He asked why I didn’t tell him that sooner and the rest is history. I came to Bmore several times to build with Scottie and Tutt. I told them about all my crazy theories and they still gave me the music. I really love those guys! They let me use any tracks I wanted. Tutt and I plan to work on some new tracks soon.

My spiritual side who meditates and reads tarot cards

You’re sharing the music for free? New business model?

Yes, that is the plan. I am just excited to let people hear the message and the music. I hope it makes people think, feel hopeful in their power and I wanna make people dance….very important. But, I want to do this full time so I have to create a revenue stream. I love performing, traveling and writing so I have been drawing from my own experience creating my company and working with a lot of close friends to formalize a plan to make it crack. We hope when people get it for free they like it and wanna support me in the future. I hope its a model that works quickly so I can eventually help other artists. I have always wanted Nak to have a label, that is an ultimate goal but I wanna do it like Ani and make music while I am helping other conscious artists.

Download and listen to the tracks

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  1. her message is amazing, not enough people are putting a positive message out there, then to top it off it’s over amazing beats…the bmore club and the dubstep are hard!

  2. I can not say enough about Kellee. Her music inspires and elevates! It is honest and raw, flowing from her soul directly to the track. I’ve seen her perform live several times and the girl can move.

  3. I’ve actually been following Kellee Maize for nearly 1 year. Ever since Davey D has called her “Pittsburgh’s Finest” i have been monitoring her activity. It’s been a while since she released Age of Feminine. This album is definitely a step in the right direction.

  4. I think Kellee is like water. Meaning she transforms into whatever role she needs to play for the circumstances she is in, much like water transforms into whatever container you put it in. Ask her to perform at your show, sing a hook on your new track, plan your next event, market a new product/service or even provide you with a little inspiration this chick will make it happen without thinking twice. On top of all that her music versatility is out of this world!

  5. Kellee’s new release is off the chain! Can’t say enough good things about her music. I agree with everyone on here!
    PS – I am the real KY jelly 🙂

  6. It’s great to see that Baltimore Club music is reaching a farther audience. Thanks for offering the free music! I LOVE THE NEW FRIDAY NIGHT FLU JOIN!

  7. After reading this article I researched this chick, and I am very impressed to say the least. Apparently she is giving away her first album “Age of Feminine” free on her myspace page ( and free downloads from her second album “Aligned Archetype” on her website ( Her style does a total 360 between the first and second album,which took me by surprise. For now she is an independent artist, but I don’t think she has far to go until she reaches the big league!

  8. How on earth is Ms. Kellee Maize supposed to make any money if she gives out all of her music for free? I did a little research too, and I see that she owns a company called Nakturnal. I guess when you’re making big bank with your own company you can afford to do something like that ….

  9. I was first enamored by Kellee after hearing her flow some poetry. She continues to amaze me and continues to grow and put out some of the most talented music and lyrics in the hip-hop world. She’s obviously beautiful on the outside and the beauty she holds on the inside is electrified by what she communicates. Once can’t help but believe in her powerful and positive message. It won’t be long now. I can’t wait for ‘Aligned Archetype’ to drop and for her cd release party tomorrow night (at Fate Lounge). Been a long time coming – lots of hard work and now, she HAS to hit it big! Too much talent, drive and purpose to keep her down. If you don’t know, come check it out! I was beyond impressed with ‘Age of Feminine’ and have been excited for the new album since Synergy last year, where she gave us our first taste of what’s to come.

  10. She’s an amazing artist that is bringing something new to the table. Kellee’s lyrics are great and inspirational.

  11. i love kellee!! her music is so fun to dance to but also has a positive message. she’s so creative!

  12. First off, I want to say that I love the first picture on this page, it’s so beautiful. Moving on…Kellee Maize is such an inspiration, especially when you listen to the lyrics of her songs. They are so positive, and they just make me smile when I listen to them. Love Kellee!

  13. Not only is Kellee’s music inspirational, her work ethic, beliefs and ideals are to be commended. Her message is clear and relatable. It is great to see someone putting out such a positive, true message in innovative ways.

  14. Wow – this girl is DOWN to EARTH! You always see the big time rappers swearing and cussing and acting like they all THAT – but Kellee is the exact opposite – she’ll totally go far.

  15. The dress and jewelry in the first picture are so H-O-T!!! I love Kellee’s music. She is just refreshing and unique. I think I might try meditating. It seems to be working for her! 🙂

  16. gald to have her rep the 412. girl’s got flow forreal tho and it’s nice to hear rhymes about stuff other than drugs and sex. good job to this chick.

  17. she’s so down to earth. she seriously just cares about getting her message out, not getting famous.

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