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The second interview on this website! The first interview I did with DJ Benny Stixx! This time I interviewed DJ Excel of Bmore Original Records! Click on the image to see this picture in wallpapersize! Picture by Kelly Connelly!

DJ EXCEL - bmore original radio

 -Who is DJ Excel?

A creative mind…a guy in his musical treehouse 20 hours a day, with occasional naps and then back up creating Club, designing websites and logos, remixing, and leaving some time for straight hip-hop too. A “Bmore Club producer with one foot firmly in the origins of this Club shit and another foot twenty years into the future when Club music is headlining huge festivals and has fully taken over.


-Baltimore club is music from Baltimore. At the moment it is growing fast and everybody all over the world is making baltimore club remixes/mashes/bootlegs. You’re a producer who’s seen and hear the start of this music. What is you’re opinion about it?


I’m glad to see the music get so much love, especially something like DJ Class’ “I’m the Shit” but I think it’s important that the originators of the music get proper credit in the history because the music wouldn’t be anywhere without them and so many of them are still making classics. That’s why it’s so special that a guy there from nearly “day one” like Class is on the Billboard charts. Music’s gotta evolve but it can’t evolve when certain people are pulled out and not given their voice.


-You are very active on the internet, you’re having a website, twitter, myspace etc. How important is internet for you as a dj/label owner to spread you’re music?


My label, Bmore Original Records was the first digital distribution center for Baltimore Club and Bmore Original radio was the first online radio station for Baltimore. Early on in my formal return to music I was involved in ‘Breakdown TV’ which was an early attempt to bring hip-hop shows like Yo! MTV Raps to the internet, so I’ve had intense experience with the internet early on. I like to think Bmore Original was “Web 2.0” before the term really existed.

-Which artist would you recommend  for the future?

So much talent in Baltimore especially…DJ Pierre’s a young Club DJ doing things real big, DJ Benny Stixx as well. All the Club O.G.s that are still doing innovative shit. Baltimore rappers, there’s so many to name, Articulate’s a guy I’ve enjoyed a lot lately. Ogun. Got to work with Hunsville, Alabam’s G-Side and they were real dope too.


-What are you’re favorite tunes of this moment?

I’m really feeling Busta Rhymes as of late, he’s coming back hard, with rapping straight out of his verse on Tribe’s “Scenario”—he’s working hard again and he’s nice. And he’s fun to sample for Club songs too! Club music needs big booming voices, dudes that yell and Busta can shout.

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