Talks with Aaron LaCrate

Aaron LaCrate did some amusing interviews lately. Check it out his video interview with dipdive over here, a readable interview at and an interview with Milkcrate Records signee MRZ Streamz over here. Also listen to the radio rip below with LaCrate’s new discovery MDNR.

“ We don’t live in a soci­ety where… I mean even Hip-Hop’s orig­i­na­tors don’t get respect and that’s sad… A lot of those orig­i­na­tors did a huge ser­vice but for what­ever rea­son whether it was drugs or what­ever. It wasn’t as prof­itable as it is now. As far as B’more goes if you want to be con­sid­ered a pio­neer you have to be active. Any artis­tic field you have to be active.… because there’s a 19 year old kid who does it bet­ter than you who doesn’t give a fuck. Who doesn’t live in Bmore and will never go there. He’ll call it Philly Club it’s already happening.”

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