Dj Sega-Run The World Remix via Cool-Breezy

Question:  Where’s DJ SEGA been?! Answer:  In the Club Cave, remixing all your favorite songz. Admittedly, I was never really too fond of Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” track as I just thought it was her singing over Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor”.  I’m good with “Pon De Floor” on its own…don’t really need Beyonce crashin’ that party, […]

Roc2Eazy Bangers

Philly’s Drexel Hill representative DJ ROC2EAZY with some bangers with his homie DJ Lil Matic. Grab ’em and check out DJ ROC2EAZY’s Soundcloud page for more ill stuff! Roc2Eazy-Dj Lil Matic Drums PLease by roc2eaazzzyyyy DJ ROC2EAZY & DJ LIL MATIC – DRUMS PLEASE (MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD) Roc2eazy-Matic keep rocking that (DIRTY) by roc2eaazzzyyyy DJ ROC2EAZY […]