DATE [BRAINSWEAT002] 2/14/16

This mix was recorded for Brainsweat’s second livestream event in Boston, Massachusetts! Thanks so much for the url guest mix! It was so fun!!! o(^?^)o Shout outs to @djclickbait @orlando_boom @tankyu @aritusmusic @yungfrawg & @nervous-white-dads for visuals!! ?~Tracklist~? DJ Swaqqy Dolphin X Phonome – Schooling Squishy Squirtle – Captured (LUX LYNX X Lavender Llama X […]


That Kawaii Club At It’s Finest!!! <3333333 Big Ups To Japan & FLIGHT TOKYO!!!!! Make Sure You Hit That Follow Button On Soundcloud @flight_tokyo Track Id 1.) Star Spot Into Heaven Intro (In Honor Of Mr Satoru Iwata RIP) 2.) Dance To The Beat To The – tofubeats 3.) Trippy’s Theme (tofubeats Bootleg) 4.) Tiger […]