Guildford College WQFS FM 90.9 Interview with Murder Mark, TT The Artist, and James Nasty on BmoreClub

On January 28th Murder Mark and TT The Artist along with James Nasty and Dj Pierre brought the Bmore Club experience down to Artistika Night Club and Greensboro College. The day after their show they were invited to speak on Baltimore Club Music and future projects with Adam Katzman on WQFS. During this interview Murder […]

Murder Mark:Beats Like This Make The Club Go Stupid with Cool-Breezy

How does one go from hating Baltimore club music to becoming the City Paper’s choice for Best Club Music Producer of 2010?  Just ask Murder Mark. As a hip-hopper from the jump, Murder Mark, aka Marquis Gasque, was more used to a certain type of flow and spoken word you normally hear in standard hip-hop.  Some of his favorites were […]

Burnin’ Up With Dj King Tutt by Cool-Breezy

King Tutt – Burnin Up by Unruly Records Named Best Club Music Producer in 2007 by the City Paper’s annual Best of Baltimore competition, DJ King Tutt has been on the up and up ever since. Constantly pushing the boundaries of club music, electro-house music, and a fusion of the two, Tutt strives to never let his […]

Talks with Aaron LaCrate

Aaron LaCrate did some amusing interviews lately. Check it out his video interview with dipdive over here, a readable interview at and an interview with Milkcrate Records signee MRZ Streamz over here. Also listen to the radio rip below with LaCrate’s new discovery MDNR. “ We don’t live in a soci­ety where… I mean even Hip-Hop’s […]

DJ Tameil

Brad Winter did an interview with Brick City Club hero DJ Tameil! Really interesting interview about the beginning of ‘Brick City Club Music’, producing, Chicago Juke, Antrax Records and some about the history of club music. You can also listen to the interview via mp3! Thanks to Brad Winter who talked with Tameil on the […]