City Paper Cover Story with Murder Mark

“Club music has never been dead to me,” he says. “I never think, Aw, it used to be like this.” And, he adds, “There’s always a revolution waitin’.” The torchbearer for club music’s new generation is just getting started        By Michael Byrne PUBLISHED: MARCH 21, 2012 For a hot minute in the summer […]

We Support Dark City: Beneath The Beat

@tttheartist @STREETSMART_MAG Please click here to make a donation and help bring TT’s Club Music Film to life. Any amount helps. Below catch some clips from a  recent interview director TT The Artist had with StreetSmart Magazine. She speaks on why she is doing the film and names some of her favorite club tracks. Make sure to […]


@tttheartist @murdermark @zoment Dark City: Beneath The Beat is a documentary capturing the rising Baltimore Club music scene by highlighting some of the leading producers, recording artist, dancers, performance venues, and djs within the local community. Through the voices of a community overshawdowed by hate, drugs, and violence music and dance have become symbols of […]