James Nasty and DJ Jonty are Tim$2 (Pronounced Timbuktu)

A few years ago me and James Nasty formed this group but never really did anything with it. You can compare it to Kanye, Pharell, and Lupe Fiasco’s group Child Rebel Soldier that only came out with one single and the audacity to hype the world a few years back. How I wish CRS really […]

Tittsworth KRUNK001 2004 Classic Club Mixtape

@rolecast @tittsworth @flexkapazi   Reloaded Club Mix from 2004 by Tittsworth “Titts has given us permission to re-release his 2004 mix-tape, KRUNK001, which he used to school unknowing DC and Baltimore clubbers in Baltimore Club, House, Miami Bass, Ghettotech, and Classic Hip-Hop. Pre-Serato, Side A provides a trip through his crates of club, house, and […]