Baby Girl Got Dimples [BCB Mixes] Who’s is better ?

Two Jersey Tracks. Two astounding club producers. One winner.

  • (*K Millz on the left | Sliink on the right)

(Dj K Millz Version)
(Dj Sliink Version)

Published by Brick City Club

Brick City club is an offshoot of Baltimore club music from Newark, New Jersey which was pioneered and popularized by D.J.Tamiel, and Tim Dolla, in the early/mid 1990s following Baltimore's track. The basic musical structure is similar to Baltimore's, but it differs in the use of more simplfied beats and mixing technics, giving it almost a "mainstream pop" appeal rather than the raunchy traditional club beat. Though presently it is not a frequently popular venue as it's counterpart, Brick City Club is still a popular amongst its New Jersey and some Baltimore patriots. And with additional collaberations by Baltimore's D.J.Technics, Rod Lee, and Bamabounce's D.J. Taj, it has more of an opportunity, as did Baltimore's scene, to expland beyond its Newark borders

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  1. Sliinks version is way too repetitive. DJ K-Millzs version has more varied parts like different words in it and stuff.

  2. K Millz killed this. I bang his version all day…. Sliinks is decent but gets old quick.

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