This Is A Dem808z Collaboration


Baltimore’s Dem808z crew has a style all of its own. In this latest mix from Dem808z member, SlickGoHam alongside LosTheMost and Eclectic go ham on 16 original tracks. These tracks were truly made for the dancers in the game but can definitely be enjoyed in the cars and in the streets. Here’s the link to the mix along with the tracklist.

1. HammerTime – Los x SGH
2. Freestyle – Los
3. Do you Love Me – SGH
4. They Shootin – Los x SGH
5. Game – Los
6. Routine Rouge – SGH
7. Ayo Click Clack – Los x Eclectic
8. Club Crunk – SGH x Eclectic
9. Rock Dat Shorty – Los x Eclectic
10. L.O. Theme – SGH x Eclectic
11. This Eclectic – SGH x Los x Eclectic
12. Bad – SGH x Los
13. Settle It – Los x SGH
14. RVD – Los
15. Almighty – SGH
16. The Taken – Los X SGH

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