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Los Angeles legend Thee Mike B and Bmore club originator DJ Technics join forces to revisit music from the cult series The Wire.

We believe in the power of ghetto jams, it’s a guideline that directs us through the years and as lovers of inner city music scenes and genres, this latest project/collaboration is exactly what we feel strongly about supporting . Both artists are legends in their own right, having deejayed and produced for ages and contributed to the rise of dance music on both coasts.

LA native Thee Mike B has been involved in underground music since the late 90’s and in 2011 was voted “Best Club DJ” by Los Angeles Magazine and he is often credited as a driving force behind bringing new electronic music back to the LA club scene. Mike has been a close Top Billin friend for years now and his work with labels like Fool’s Gold or Play It Down (with Jesse Rose) and his legendary mixtapes and DJ tools have kept Mike truly on the forefront of dance music.

A turntablist, a producer and the pioneer of what would become the sound of Baltimore club and Jersey club with the infamous “Dickontrol” beat pattern, that is heard in almost every ghetto club track made today, DJ Technics rarely needs any introduction. Having already spent 32 years on turntables and produced numerous Bmore classics on both vinyl and digital, Technics likes to remind to always keep experimenting. His love for disco and soul can be heard through out this tracks, which is exactly why Technics and Top Billin make a perfect match.

Remixes on this release are equally hot, from Bromance Records affiliates Pipes club mix, Australian powerhouse Wordlife’s deeper house cut, Top Billin Soundsystem’s bass-heavy grime mix and DJ Technics own interpretation of his classic, we already consider this as a contender for the record of the year.

We can call this ‘music revisited’, or we can call it nouveau club music, but we don’t really care. And in any case, The Wire is still the best show in the history of television.

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