New James Nasty “Ima Soldier”

I have a new partner in crime that is gonna assist me with posting new music on Baltimore-Club. Casey Embert aka @Stoopgirl on Twitter. Is gonna conduct interviews and write articles about Bmore Club and some of your favorite Bmore Club Producers. Make sure you check out her site as well

Fuck that skeezer by James Nasty

Ima Soldier by James Nasty

“Just in case you’ve got that urge to wild out, James Nasty’s got you covered, as usual.  He released these two brand new tracks Friday evening, so check ‘em out!!  ”Fuck that skeezer” layers hyperactive, helium-induced vocals over straight up grimey, classic Baltimore club beats.  ”Ima Soldier” combines this sexykinda, acoustic reggae 5’Nizza sample with gunshots, sirens and the otherwise aggressive vibes de Baltimore.  Not too sure how he pulls it all off but he does and ain’t nobody mad about it.”- Casey Embert

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