MannYFresh’s Break-up remix


Manny is a familiar name in the jersey club music genre and finally decided to come out with some tracks of his own. I find that his latest track Break up is truly worth a listen. It’s subtle yet at the same time kinda exciting. Dj’s may find this to be a ¬†good song to wind down with.
The song can be found here.

Published by ClubHeadSLiiM

Born July 2, 1992 Dana "ClubHeadSLiiM" White came out with headphones on. No just kidding. Dana has been an avid listener of music all his like and at around the age of 12 became a patron to The Baltimore/Jersey club music Genre. Since the age of 12 Dana has been around music and has also began to produce tracks and even dj at parties. Him along with his older brother Dj SLiiNK has began a group that can help keep teenagers away from the streets and at the same time help to promote Club Music as a whole to people who have not been aware of this amazing genre of music.

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