King Bee – Back By Dope Demand (Kid Kaio & Fasta Get High & Get Low Remix)

Like many of you know bmore is getting played across the borders of maryland. In holland its getting some attention of some big djs and upcoming producers like funkstar, dj punish and DJ Fasta and Kid Kaio. In 2 weeks you can find the download of this track online! Keep an eye on this dutch bmore sound!

Dj Fasta & Kid Kaio are both eclectic dj’s. They play , mix and produce every kind of music to one sound. They translated the oldskool classic joint from King bee into a 2010 B-more version with that typical dutch sound i. The track has support from Diplo, Punish, and many other topnotch dj’s in Europe. So we like to share it around.

King Bee – Back By Dope Demand (Fasta & Kid Kaio Get High & Get Low Remix) by DJFASTA

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  1. We got some dutch on the blog. We are having Kid Kaio and Artistic Raw in LA june 19 first U.S appearance.

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