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Jumbled - Throwin' Bones - Baltimore Club

Jumbled – Throwin’ Bones

Funny track in the mail by Jumbled!

inspired by Adrian Painter
Friday night…feeling alright
Going out with friends gonna do the thing right
It’s getting late..don’t want it to end
having a good time with some old friends
Getting worn out from the 9-5
Been a real long week just trying to survive
Grab a few drinks and start to think
Without my friends my life would stink
On the ride home, I need a boost
Stop off for some wings and some apple juice
Where I’ll be in 5 years I just don’t know
Eating chicken wings and throwing bones out the window

Throwin’ Bones
Throwing chicken bones out the window
Throwin’ Bones
Throw my cares out the window

Published by Bart Ligthart

Founder Baltimore-club.com

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