Hell House Guest Mix: MurderMark #BmoreHard

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The following excerpt was quoted from RHclubmusic.com and written by Rocky Horror

Back in 2008 when I first heard Baltimore Club, I honestly wasn’t impressed. Hearing tracks from the 50s and 60s getting reworked with this generic club beat really wasn’t doing it for me. However, Murder Mark has without a doubt restored my faith in music from Baltimore. I’ll admit when I first heard Baltimore Club I thought it was just a fad, that it wouldn’t hold up. Murder Mark on the other hand was perfecting it, and making it something way better than it started out being. Doing away with the whole idea of a cheesy Baltimore Club remix, and building it into something so nasty and grimy, that soon enough everyone would be trying to either master it, or play it out to watch people go nuts on the dance floor. If you want more on Murder Mark, shoot over to his Official Website , and get up on what he’s all about!

Also, be sure to follow him on TwitterFacebookSoundcloud, and on Instagram: @murdermark.

Huge thanks to Maryland’s own, Natalie Clapp , for designing the cover.

Now lets get grimy…

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1. Murder Mark feat. Mike-Mike – Intro

2. Murder Mark – My Garage

3. Murder Mark – Let The Goons Out

4. Murder Mark feat. J.Strudy – Kisses To Hating Ass Bitches

5. Zebra Katz feat. Njena Redd Foxx) – Ima Read (Murder Mark and TT The Artist Remix)

6. Murder Mark – Hold Up 1 Time (Dj Angel Baby Theme)

7. Murder Mark feat. Sheila D Yeah – Dancin On The Camera

8. Sheila D Yeah – The Life (Murder Mark and 810 Remix)

9. 810 – Damn Shit Is Rocking

10. Murder Mark – 810 Damn (Instrumental)

11. Murder Mark feat. Featuring TT The Artist and Sheila D Yeah – Bad Bitches Drop It Low

12. DJ Benny Stixx feat. TT The Artist – Bmore Club Can’t Be Stopped

13. DDM feat Rye Rye – Click Pow (B.Ames Remix)

14. Starrz – S.Y.O.B (Produced by Ghost The Monsta)

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