DJ Exclusive- Wine It Up

This is a track from the prolific DJ Exclusive of the Philly based PKE (Party Krushers ENT) crew of producers, DJs, and dancers including an impressive roster of young talented producers like Yung Phresh, A-Dub, DJ WhoDat, DJ Ra Eazy, DJ 2’slick and more. This track from DJ Exclusive was really interesting to me because the vocals are sampled from New Orleans Bounce artist Sissy Nobby. It’s always interesting for me to see regional/underground dance music intersect and mesh, and it doesn’t happen between bounce and club often just because the tempos are so different, but the energy between the genres definitely have a lot in common.
Wine It Up(Sissy Nobby vocals) – Dj Exclusive(Pke!) by Dj Exclusive – PKE

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