2 Must Read Articles On The State of Bmore Club!!!

Ryan Lyons wrote put together 2 amazing interviews with Murder Mark and Dj Benny Stixx for his site A Baltimore Love Thing. These articles help to give insite on the current state and the future of Bmore Club as you know it.

“Bal­ti­more Club music’s sound is some­thing that’s echoes the grit of the city. It’s raw, dirty, melodic, and unpre­dictable. Per­haps the speedy tempo of the sound mim­ics how fast a day in the city goes. Kids play­ing, police sirens, shoot-outs, church bells — it feels like all of that at once.”….Read The Rest Of The Articles Here

Cherry Hill And Down Ya Block-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike Present The Party Starter Ep– via A Baltimore Love Thing

Benny Stixx On The Future of Baltimore Club via A Baltimore Love Thing

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