Guildford College WQFS FM 90.9 Interview with Murder Mark, TT The Artist, and James Nasty on BmoreClub

On January 28th Murder Mark and TT The Artist along with James Nasty and Dj Pierre brought the Bmore Club experience down to Artistika Night Club and Greensboro College. The day after their show they were invited to speak on Baltimore Club Music and future projects with Adam Katzman on WQFS. During this interview Murder Mark and crew speak on alot of controversial subjects such as the recent popularity of “bmore club” influenced billboard hits and the futrue of Baltimore Club Music. This video gives Guilford college and ¬†people outside the streets of Baltimore a taste of what its really like!!! ¬†

Make Sure Y’all Download That James Nasty Mixtape If You Haven’t Done So Already
The Truth About James Nasty (The Mixtape) by James Nasty

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The Truth About James Nasty

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