DJ Class – Im The Ish feat Kanye West

Respect for the Unruly Crew! Kanye West did a feature on DJ Class – Im The Ish! So download this at track or buy the original. The remix is in 320 kbps for the djs! I found this on the low bee forum! My crew be unrulyyyyyyyyy!




DJ Class – Im The Ish feat Kanye West

Published by Bart Ligthart


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  1. Got a sneak peak of this track about a week ago and was diggin it! Kayne adds a nice flavor… Still none of these remixes go as hard as the original!

    It’s crazy how many people are jumping on this.. Lil Jon, Pitbull, Jermaine Dupri, Trey Songz, Kayne…. this song is gonna keep going strong through the summer!

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