Claire Hux – Grab On (A.D.DLake Remix)

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Claire Hux is BACK this year with their much anticipated Grab On EP, available APRIL 12th on Unruly Records!!!  Until then, they are releasing a new Grab On remix every week.

You should have already heard the Flufftronix Remix on last month’s Luvstep 2 Mixtape.  Last week they released the Oh Snap! Remix, which is an all-out Dutch banger – highly recommended!  And so this week’s remix is from Claire Hux’s very own DLake & it’s an absolute monster – it’s like a dummy smack to the lames just kinda standing around at the club.  Hit that hoe w/ THIS! (if nothing else)

Claire Hux – Grab On (A.D.DLake Remix) by ClaireHux

Pick up that Oh Snap! joint

+ hear what else Claire Hux is doing

on their Soundcloud!

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