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King Tutt – Burnin Up by Unruly Records

Named Best Club Music Producer in 2007 by the City Paper’s annual Best of Baltimore competition, DJ King Tutt has been on the up and up ever since. Constantly pushing the boundaries of club music, electro-house music, and a fusion of the two, Tutt strives to never let his talents become stale.  A strong believer in quality of output, you can only expect the absolute best from his mixes and live performances.

If you’ve been into the Baltimore music scene for a while, you’ve at least gotta know Tutt for his tracks like “Shake My Ass”, “African Chant”, and “The Roof Is On Fire”.  Tutt’s been producing tracks since I was twelve years old and playin’ kickball at recess.  Okay, so I might be young, but he’s really been in the game so long that he’s become a respected Baltimore institution.  After “Shake My Ass” gained the approval of Baltimore club king Scottie B, Tutt became his go-to guy for productions.  Scottie B and Tutt quickly formed a dynamic duo and became an untouchable force as prominent DJs and producers for the events and releases of Unruly Records.

Tutt is all about testing his limits in the realm of music.  To hear a perfect example of his house/club music hybrid, check out his Evolution EP, released in 2008.  There are seven tracks on this EP, but two of them specifically stand out to me:  “The Future” and “Black Democrat”.  “The Future” touts this, well…, futuristic house music appeal while “Black Democrat” sounds like this epic, Baltimore club march.  Juxtaposing these two totally different vibes onEvolution says a lot about Tutt’s confidence in his skills as a DJ and producer.

Last month, he released his latest electro-house mix, Say Hello to the Bad Guy.  Nineteen tracks deep, Bad Guy quickly whisks you away to the sunniest of days with its upbeat melodies and steady grooves.  One listen to this mix and you’ll quickly find yourself in the right mindset for your evening outing or just coolin’ out at the crib.  Check my review of it here, but more importantly,download the mix and listen for yourself!  Trust me, you might need the energy for your weekend jumpoff.

If you wanna hear more of Tutt’s house mixes, why don’t you go catch him live and in action this weekend?  He’ll be playin’ some records at the Deep Sugarparty on Saturday at the Paradox in Baltimore.  Dude’s mad busy so don’t sleep on this chance to see him play!

But, I wanted to get to know Tutt a little better so I hit him up with a few questions for Cool Breezy.  I’m sharin’ the wealth!  Here he talks about Say Hello to the Bad Guy, the state of music in Baltimore, and what it takes to be a good producer.

Cool Breezy: How long have you been in the DJing/producing game and what initially brought you into it?

King Tutt: I started DJing in ‘95 after my father died and producing in ‘99. I used the money that I received to buy my first set of turntables. But, while going through school, I played various instruments and was in the band. My main focus was the percussion section and I was also a drummer. I took classes in music theory, as well. So, basically I was DJing and playing the drums at the same time. I’m one of the few producers and DJs in Baltimore that can actually read and write sheet music. While I was in high school, I worked as a DJ and floor guard at Skateland Orchard in Towson. [That] is where I first start DJing on a regular basis for a large crowd.

CB: Who or what influences your particular style of electro-house music?

KT: For me, I have always had a love for house music. Everybody in Baltimore knows the deep house classics but you never hear new stuff. So when Scottie [B] and me started producing and DJing together [and] by him traveling around the world, he exposed me to what the rest of the world was listening to and I started loving it! So I would, and still do, frequently visit YouTube and search various DJs like David Guetta, Carl Cox, and others to see how DJs are gods overseas. I also have a strong love for good Baltimore club music. So I like to ride the thin line between the two and see how far I can take it. When I’m in my studio, it really depends on how I feel that day and what I’m working with.

CB: Describe the creative process for your most recent mix, Say Hello to the Bad Guy, and what were your goals for the mix?

KT: At least one person a day will ask me for a mix of some sort. So as much as I hate recording myself mix, I decided to start doing it on a frequent basis. First, it starts with satellite radio. Listening to different DJs mix, I kinda study what tracks are [being] played. I choose what songs I like and what I feel are the best songs for me to play with my style of DJing. Then, I will call a couple different DJs and we swap files. After I pick through the all the songs for the mix, I turn the turntables on…and go!

The goal of the mix was for everybody to know that I do DJ! Some people know me for my production and some people know me for my DJing. I want everybody to know that I do both. It was a chance for everybody who hasn’t heard me mix in awhile to see what I have been up to while I’m working on my new EP.

CB: What do you think about the state of music and production in Baltimore right now?

KT: We can talk about this all day!!!! In Baltimore, it’s getting better and worse at the same time. I think all of the serious artists in Baltimore have really stepped their game up in the last couple of years with the level of products that are being released. But I think [there’s] still too many people in this city that take what they do as a hobby or joke. For example, a lot of people come to me to talk about production, but they use terrible equipment. If you’re serious about what you do, you try to get the best possible gear. I have seen producers use the same beginner equipment for their whole career. [There’s] no way possible for you to get [professional] results with beginner equipment! Some rappers in this city don’t even have any type of recording equipment. I think that’s crazy. Another thing that bothers me is that some DJs will play anything and don’t have the heart to tell some artists that the song needs work. I have heard so much garbage on the radio it really kills me. If an artist thinks he or she can just put anything together and expect me to play it, they have another thing coming!

CB: You have a solid reputation in the game. Do you have any advice for present and future DJs and producers?

KT: Study what you love! Don’t be in a rush for people to hear your work. If you’re good, it will come out eventually. Don’ t be afraid to be different. Lastly, if this is want you wanna do, spend money! Anything that is cheap, is cheap for a reason!

CB: So, what do you do when you’re not playing records and producing tracks?

KT: A lot of people don’t know that I’m a police officer. So basically, I work all day!!!! On my rare off days, I try to spend as much time with my family as I can. I’m a movie and TV dude too. I can watch the discovery channel and the Bourne Trilogy all day! I recently just brought a ps3 also, so let’s see how this works out with that.

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  1. WTF!!!!!

    “KT: A lot of people don’t know that I’m a police officer.”


  2. Check this out!!!!! I have been a DJ / producer longer then a police officer.
    If you don’t agree with my career choices then pay my bills!
    You should support somebody like me the most! I put my life on the line
    Everyday for the people of Baltimore city. My production and DJ skills have nothing to do with my career.
    If you don’t support somebody for a reason like that Then you are a weak minded individual! I’ll will speak for all the BMORE club producers at this point and say….WE DON’T NEED YOUR SUPPORT! we have enough real fans!

  3. I think you are a wonderful Artist and Dj your work is magnificent!!!! I don’t care if I was the biggest criminal you would still get my business no one can steal your shine ever your future is so bright you have to wear shades :))) I wont knock another persons opinion but know this one person dosent stop your show stay positive keep your Goverment job take care of your family and do what you love in your spare time!!!! You are doing big things keep up the great work! A police is your career that has nothing to do with your ability to be a great Dj! And don’t let anyone tell you different!! The pic is great much love Tutt and much continued success !!!

  4. @Eric
    @ Eric….. you are probably one of the ones out here robbing,car-jacking,raping and molesting. I’m not even gonna give you the charge of drug dealing cause you don’t even sound smart enough to be able to do that! Your comment sounds dumb as shit!!! Go back to school cause I know you got about a eighth grade education…if that! Don’t be mad cause you too dumb to know how to dial 911…..DUMB ASS LOSER!

  5. @Eric: don’t worry, he’s better at DJing/producing than policing LOL
    Just kidding, King Tutt. See you at work! 😉


    All the good work Tutt does in the city with music and the community and we have a douchebag that wants to say somethin negative. I work a 9-5 and support my kid and family the honest way outside of music.. you wanna diss me 2?? Tutt has every single producer in the city’s support period! Get outta here with that lame hate bullsh*t..

  7. Not only is Dj King Tutt A more than Exceptional Dj.He is a Gr8 friend and and Extrordanary Producer…..If he would take off from work and do music full time….whooooooooo weeeee im telling u!!!!! ITS GONNA BE TROUBLE….TRouble…. O and to Eric no 1 like a h8er!!! so just KILL YOSELF!!! Tutt do your thang as always!!!I remember when u couldnt mix fo shit!!!! lol!!!Yo u still got my Phone Tap 12inch????LOL…

  8. Ayo Eric, you’re a weak-ass, dick-smoking, self-alienating whore. Your opinion is uninformed, your problems misdirected, and you’re a disappointment to anyone who would use their time to consider your comment as relevant or even meaningful. Tutt is an rare example of someone who excels at his craft and simultaneously finds a balance to provide not only for his family, but for his community… Wut da fuck is u doin???

  9. DAMNIT! o_O! it’s Always one #DUMBASS fuckin hater! grow the fuck up! NOW!!!! #TELLusYuREALLYmad!!!! Cuz u knocking the fuck outta a grown ass man hustle! SMH #BROKEasAjoke ass niggas first to hate!

  10. first and foremost tutt is my man 4 real and anyone who speaks against him i feel disrespected,second if you wanna go off on someone you need to go after diplo and the rest of these so called club makers who took our style and name it something else and claim we are copying them,we started this bmore club and we’re gonna finish it.third just because he a police,it does not affect his inner spirit.tutt will give you the shirt off his back if you was in trouble,trust me i know,being a police officer is a hard job,do i hate police,of course,but i hate the ones who uses there badge to get away with stuff,you do have good officers who keep’s it 100 and don’t try to use the badge to act tuff and tutt is one of those good police,so i will end this by say tutt’s my man he’s always gonna be my dude(even thought his tracks are wack lol) and if you got a problem with tutt then you def got a problem with me,shucks tutt can’t even drive to be a police,he ran over my foot and now im limping,i’m the one who should be upset right MR SUPER STAR KING TUTT

  11. Damn, at this point is there really anything else left for me to say? Oh yeah “King Tutt is the fkin Mannnn!” Anyone who thinks otherwise can Kick Fkin Rocks and tell em I said it. #MyCrewBeUnruly (‘drops Mic, exits stage left’)

  12. Cops have kilt my family and friends and turned my community upside down. There are a million jobs in the world and YOU choose to be a cop pal. Dont get mad at an opinion or who supports you.I hate cops and Im sure most of these people posting on this site do to but cant speak their mind.You gave out that info not me.

  13. Eric, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to school. We really already have enough ignorant people in the world!

  14. @Eric, I bet you’ve done more to turn your community upside down than any police officer ever has. And I bet you the first whore to dial 911 when somebody look at u the wrong way. He gave that info out because he’s not ashamed of what he does. He not a coward and has to hide behind notes like you. Eat a dick!!!

  15. Greetings DJ TUTT I am working with this amazing new female artist.She is the next be thing. We like your work lets talk about some collab work. We perform all over the country recently in the netherlands. Email me so we speak further. Songs4anyartist@gmail.com

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