Ayo Volume 2 Promo Mix

This is a promo mix to get you ready for my free  mix-tape releasing July 21st(date subject to change lol). The new release will be called Ayo Volume 2-Y’all Ain’t Ready and its gonna be crazy trust me. Also dont’ forget to purchase The Party Starter Ep on iTunes. Listen to this mix…download it and Rock-Off!!!

Ayo Volume 2 Promo Mix by AyoMurderMark1

1.Unh Bmore Remix(Bad Bitches Drop It Low)-Murder Mark featuring TT The Artist and Sheila D
2.Loop That Shit-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike
3.I Go Stupid-Dj Excell
4.Let Me Show Em(Dj KW Griff Tribute)-Murder Mark
5.Get Busy-Murder Mark
6.Unh Yeah Wooh-Murder Mark
7. Rep Your Set- Murder Mark
8.Tupac Back- Jon Kwest
9. BMF-Murder Mark
10.Bend It Over-Dj Benny Stixx
11.Hand Clap 2011- Dj Pierre
12.Bad Sista(Ayo Volume 2 Demo)-Murder Mark featuring TT The Artist
13.Murder Mark In This Bitch-Murder Mark

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