Ayomurdermark.com Promo Mix November

@murdermark New Promo mix to help promote my site. This is 1 full hour of good #clubmusic from Bmore,Jersey,and Philly. Please visit www.ayomurdermark.com and stay up to date with all my new releases and upcoming events by signing up on my email list it would be greatly appreciated. Also download my free #Jacked Remix Project HereĀ 

Ayomurdermark.com Promo Mix (November) by Murder Mark

1.Do The Ayo-Murder Mark

2. 2pac Back- Dj Sega

3.The Carter 4 Theme- Murder Mark

4.Pink Friday Theme-Murder Mark

5. Headlines Remix-Murder Mark

6.Until The End of Time Break- Dj Pierre

7.Un Yeah Wooh(James Nasty Remix)- Murder Mark

8.Azz Everywhere-Jon Kwest

9.Hit Da Ass From The Back- Dj 695

10.Back It Out-Da Yo Boyz(Mike Mumbles and Samir)

11.Bad Bitches Drop It Low-Sheila D Yeah, TT The Artist, Murder Mark

12.My Goodies-Dj Pierre and TT The Artist

13.Hip Hop Saved My Life-Murder Mark

14.Kick Push-Dj Sega

15.U Don’t Want No Problems- Dj Pierre and Mike-Mike

16.In My Hood-Dj Benny Stixx Remix

17.Mike Rock- Mike-Mike and Murder Mark

18.Hard In The Pain-Murder Mark

19.Waka’s Revenge- Dj K-Spin

20.Pretty Boy Swag- Murder Mark and Dj K-Spin

21.Lets Go Lets Get It- Murder Mark and Dj K-Spin

22.Let Me Show Em(K.W. Tribute Version)-Murder Mark

23.What You Looking At- Dj Reds

24.Go 3-Dj Say Wut

25.Rude Boy- Dj Say Wut

26.Diga Room(Remix)-Rye Rye

27.Go Pop Bang Intro-Mario and Pacman

28.Sunshine(Murder Mark Edit)-Rye Rye and M.I.A.

29.The Beat Goes On-Dj Sega

30.Macho Man Theme-Murder Mark

31.BBMG Anthem- Dj Tameil, Dj Jayhood, Dj Joker

32.Hand On Your Hips Remix- Dj Jayhood, Dj Joker, Lumidee, Chad B

33.Torro Torro(Nadus Remix)-Blue Blouse

34.Carry Out(Instrumental)-Murder Mark

35.I’m Hot(Whats Up)-Dj Juwan

36.Shake His Bush-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike

37.Loop That Shit(Thunderbird Juicebox)-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike

38.Let It Out-Murder Mark


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