DJ SEGA – Best of Bmore Club 2010

Philly hero DJ SEGA selected his 10 favorite club tracks of 2010. 23 minutes of pure club music madness! A gentleman like SEGA is he didn’t selected one of his own tunes. Like the mix? Click on the like button below!

DJ SEGA – Best of Club Music 2010

1] Let’s Start This Shit Off – Rod Lee
2] Hard In The Paint – Sliink
3] Hit Me Wit Da Hornz (DJ’s Name) – Rod Lee
4] Yeah – Booman
5] Takeover – King Tutt
6] Warface – Booman
7] Kacks (Katz) – KW Griff and Porkchop
8] Kacks Remix – KW Griff and Porkchop
9] Massive Attack – Sliink
10] Shut Up – Rod Lee

Published by Bart Ligthart


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  1. DJ JBVicious here commenting on DJ Sega’s 2010 Mix. I’m a big believer in giving credit where creditis due. Sega’s mix was 22 Minutes and it was like a Fuckin 10 Hit Combo to the Fukin Jaw! In Baltimore they use the term “Banged In Da Mouf”. I just got Banged in Da Mouf and it actually felt good! Lmfao! A 10 Hit Combo to the Jaw and a Fuckin additional Chop to the throat. 22 Minutes of “Raw-Dawg Un-Adulterated Bmore Gutter Music”. Jeeeezus! Sometimes you just gotta give props where props are due. It is so rare for me to listen to somebodies 20 minute mix and get excited cause 9 times outta 10 I ain’t even feelin it. But this was a 20 Minute Masterpiece of Baltimore Club tracks. Unreal! The Rod Lee tracks alone were just Devastating to the Dome. “Rod Lee” has always been one of my favorite Bmore Club producers. Unfortunately, to my knowledge these Rod Lee tracks were unreleased cause I don’t own them. If I had these Rod Lee tracks, there probably would’ve altered my Top 10. As for DJ Boomans Warface. I actually was going to use that track to in my Top 10 mix but then I researched that it was released in 2009. This is the only reason I didn’t use that track. Overall, Sega just came through and Dropped a Fukin “Hulk Hogan” Elbow on the building! Not for nothing, the Building just got crushed and ain’t shit else to say. I dunno who elses top 10 mixes are gonna be posted next, but they gonna need Dynamite and C4 Explosives to fuck wit Segas mix. “Bmore Gutter Music for Life!” @ Sega… Respect, Respect, and Mo Respect!

    P.S. Ohhh, and I almost forgot. You gotta give him props cause he ain’t pull no whack ass stunt where he used 10 of his own Bmore tracks. He gave credit to other producers and listed them top 10. That just shows you that his Confidence level is something fierce. Most other producers don’t wanna admit to other producers tracks being Top Notch or better than theres. He didn’t even use one of his own tracks. Mad Respect!

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