Meet The Cartels-DJ Nick

It’s that Cartel Music!!!!!!!!!!! Tracklist 1.Turn On The Lights (Tray Remix) 2.Pillz (Tray Remix) 3.DjTray – Refill (Cartel Remix) 4.I Love You (Tray Remix) 5.Lonely (Cartel Remix) 6.N Luv wit a Stripper Remix (HotRod) 7.Technology (she wants it) HotRodRemix 8.Rod a make her dance – Hot Rod (Band$Rmx) 9.Snooooop (drop it) – Dj Tray & […]

Hell House Guest Mix: MurderMark #BmoreHard

@rockyhorror  @murdermark The following excerpt was quoted from and written by Rocky Horror Back in 2008 when I first heard Baltimore Club, I honestly wasn’t impressed. Hearing tracks from the 50s and 60s getting reworked with this generic club beat really wasn’t doing it for me. However, Murder Mark has without a doubt restored […]

Mama Said Knock You Out ft. LL Cool J [A-Dub Remix]

To kick off his birthday weekend A-Dub has released a massive remix of LL Cool J’s old School track “Mama Said Knock You Out” this track give off an old school feel at the beginning with the scratches added in but then blasts off with the Jersey Club style when the beat drops. Hope you […]

Dip It Low Pt. II x Dj K Millz

DJ K Millz does it again! Starting off the fall with some fresh and much adorned, booty bounce music. He collabs on this track with vocals done by Saucy P (disc jockey/producer from the Brick Bandits). This is really something great to hear if you’re tryna get “shawty” pregnant on the dance floor!