Talks with Aaron LaCrate

Aaron LaCrate did some amusing interviews lately. Check it out his video interview with dipdive over here, a readable interview at and an interview with Milkcrate Records signee MRZ Streamz over here. Also listen to the radio rip below with LaCrate’s new discovery MDNR. “ We don’t live in a soci­ety where… I mean even Hip-Hop’s […]

Murder Mark and Mike-Mike Party Starter Ep(Promo Mix)Ep Available March 30th

“So I got an email the other day,someone asked what happened to that ‘hardcore ganagsta bmore club’..whats up all wit all this pop stuff,top 40 stuff” and I said thats what in right now but if u want that real hardcore bmore club music that gets the party started I got you!!” Ladies and Gentlemen […]

Classic Tracks from Dj 695

Occasionally I’m gonna try to post classic tracks from Djs and producers from Baltimore that you haven’t seen on this site yet. This week I got some joints from one my of friends Dj 695(Formerly know as Dj J.Roc). 695  has had numerous tracks in rotation on 92q and on Dj K-Swifts Jumpoff on club […]


@schwarz420 @unrulyrecords SCHWARZ is back at it again, this time with a VIP REMIX OF LOSE YR FVCKING MINDZ, the first single off his upcoming EP Deep In The Game! GET IT HERE @ BALTIMORE-CLUB.COM FIRST!!! DOWNLOAD SCHWARZ – LOSE YR FVCKING MINDZ (SCHWARZ I NEED A DOCTOR REMIX) SCHWARZ – LOSE YR FVCKING MINDZ […]