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August 10th, 2015


That Kawaii Club At It’s Finest!!! <3333333

Big Ups To Japan & FLIGHT TOKYO!!!!!

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Track Id

1.) Star Spot Into Heaven Intro (In Honor Of Mr Satoru Iwata RIP)
2.) Dance To The Beat To The – tofubeats
3.) Trippy’s Theme (tofubeats Bootleg)
4.) Tiger Track (the sub account Flip)
5. ) Freak Out (Original Mix) / the sub account
6.) Ururun Stars Remix – Itsu
7.) New Chocolate Case (moto kano edit)
8.) Euforia (moto kano edit)
9.) Mirage JET ( the sub account Jersey Edit)
10.) Find E daily (the sub account Flip)
11.) Let Me Beat With You (Mondaystudio Jersey Club Bootleg Remix)
12.) Lovely Party Collection (HUGKISS 130EDIT)
13.) Forest Interlude ( aran Remix)
14.) Mitchie M feat Hatsune Miku – irritability carefree boys (Mondaystudio Bootleg Remix)
15.) Can You See My Love (feat Yurina) (Mondaystudio Bootleg Remix)
16.) Love is light blue (syatten Progressive Remix )
17.) Yukipo.
18.) Victory Warfare Interlude
19.) Decision (Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme Remix) (In Honor Of The FFVII Remake)
20.) Good Night Until Tomorrow Outro

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MFN’s Mix For SoundPlate Records

June 28th, 2015


A Mix That I Plan On Submitting To Soundplate Records

But I Have To Show Love To Too

Wish Me Luck & Enjoy The Mix Guys!!!!! ; D


1.) Animals – Maroon 5 (SBF Feat. Trippy , Paully InnaCut , KU$HCANNXN)
2.) TWISTA – So Sexy? (KBoW remix)
3.) Gutta x Dj K-Duecez – He Love Me 2
4.)Hoodboi – Palm Reader Feat. Lido (Gutta Remix)
5.)DJ Sega – Happy Days
6.)Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Ivan The Terrible Remix)
7.)TZESAR – Let the Music
8.)Skibblez – Do With My Lovin’ (Original Mix)
9.)Get Back Together (Diego B – M Remix)
10.)RobClemz – Should Be (Original Mix)
11.)The Refresher – I Can´t Stay
12.)Le Nonsense – Milk Dream (Original Mix)
13.)RobClemz – Lettre d’amour
14.)The Refresher – Passengers
16.)L.A Move
17.)Masques III – Stupid Besties Forever (TFC Remix)
18.)Skibblez – Know About It (Original Mix)
19.)The Refresher – Smiling Waves
20.)Zorbs – Conflict (RobClemz Rework)

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#NoDaysOff 3 -Albyytheproducer (Mixed By MFN)

April 9th, 2015


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From New Jersey 2 Japan |Phase 4|

March 21st, 2015


1.)???? – ???????? (saqwz Remix)
2.)Crystal Kay – Think Of You (TOYO Remix)
4.)Ayuse Kozue – Boyfriend (has Remix)
5.)???????Jersey Club Edit?[?????????? ED]
6.)Girls’ Generation(????) – Gee ~Onionjersey Mix~
7.)? ???? – Musicmusic ? Goodintent ? Drainpuppet (Niconico Club Edit)
8.)Want to try dying this once?
10.)Renai Circulation (Samburg Mix)
11.)????(Yurizo Jerseyclub edit)
12.) ??????-Distance(KBoW Jersey remix)
13.)??????? (????Remix)
14.)????? ??????????????EDIT?
15.) Anime Interlude
16.)??????????the sub account Flip?/ ????????
17.)Miku sama Kiss You Baby MoomBahton Remix
18.)Kanade – One Week Friends Boot (Anime Isshuukan Friends ED)

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MFN’s Guestmix For CLUBJERSEY (February Set)

February 4th, 2015


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MFN’s Mix For CLUBJERSEY (Meet The Cartels 4 Leak)

December 22nd, 2014


Early Christmas present from DJ Nick

Enjoy 🙂

shoutouts to CLUBJERSEY ,DJ RELL ,& Ase Manual

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