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Hardcore Club: Philly Club Music’s Twisted Lil Brother

January 30th, 2013

DJ GoHard & DJ NTech – Two Worlds Collide

It’s been a good day for club with new stuff from K-Breeze (GIPB) and  SirPHresh (PKE) and a collab between GoHard & N-Tech all released in the last 24 hours. Look below the jump for more tracks!

SirPHresh – And The Whats Go Hey

DJ K-Breeze – Judgement Day 2 (New World Order)

Makes sense that the first person I heard use “hardcore club” was DJ Get Em, whose name must be mentioned in any discussion of the harder styles of Philly Club Music.

DJ Get Em & DJ 2Live – The Mischief Knights (from Get Em’s flurry of tracks last month)

The genre takes bits and pieces of everything heavy:  hardstyle and hardcore, but also dubstep/complextro, drum & bass, breakbeat, hands-up, and more. The vocal chopping is usually of familiar samples (What’s, Hey’s, Ahh’s) as well as “Pump up the bass!” and other hardstyle-y shit. Usually the track title can in some way be interpreted as apocalyptic or about space and the graphics look like this!

DJ Shocker – Christmas On Halloween

Sir Phresh – Kernkraft 400 [Ultimate PHreemix]


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