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Dj Ra-Eazy Ft Dj Dyce – No Name

DJ Dyce

This track “No Name” is a really interesting slept on collaboration between Philly’s DJ Ra-Eazy and DJ Dyce. Both are super forward-looking PartyMusic style producers, who seem un-afraid of boundaries and end up with pretty experimental sounding tracks. Check Ra-Eazy’s soundcloud page for his attempts at Raggaeton and Juke, and DJ Dyce’s Club/Dubstep hybrids to see just how versatile these two are.

On “No Name” the two join forces on an amazing minimalclub jam built around a heavy dub bass.The first minute of the track, these heavily delayed bass bursts drop as a filtered “Think” break and a couple vocals vocal drops pop in and out before the Bass Drum drops, and it becomes more of a standard club track, with “Heys” and “Whats”, but remains kind of druggy and maybe dub influenced.

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