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A new thing here on Charts! The Top MP3’s of Baltimore Club Music every month! So this is how it works. I want to do a top 5 tracks. I want to combine it between downloads on this site and paid downloads(amazon?, beatport?, itunes?). Also I hope you (Baltimore Club Fans) post in the comments/mail/twitter ¬†what do you think is the best track of the month!¬†This months winner is DJ Punish from Holland with his nirvana remix of smells like teen spirit! Offcourse you can download this in a zip file for the new visitors.

top MP3 downloads-at-balitmore-club dot com

  1. Nirvana РSmells Like Teen Spirit (Dj Punish Bmore Mash) 326 Downloads Link
  2. Bee Gees РStayin Alive (Blastto Remix) 301 Downloads Link
  3. Mujava РTownship Funk (Scottie B remix) 260 Downloads Link
  4. Kid Cudi – Day And Night (Minus Remix) 248 Downloads Link
  5. DJ Benny Stixx – Freakin’ You (Valentines Day Special)¬†203 Downloads Link

Download the top 5 in a zip file!

Published by Bart Ligthart

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