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April 23rd, 2013

The record pool is back! Run by me and @murdermark this time! Same principles as before.

  • Each month between 6 and 12 tracks (sometimes even more)
  • 3.99 dollar a month
  • Great club tracks from different producers.
  • Bart Ligthart and Murder Mark curate the tracks we get from the producers

Sign up for the newsletter and we let you know when we launch! (proplably in the second week of may)


We’re looking for club producers!

  •  You get paid for the tracks you deliver. We divide the money we earn at an even split.
  • The record pool is about club music. Philly, Baltimore, Jersey etc. As long if its really good music.

Interested in putting in tracks once in a while or you want some more info? Email us at

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Recordpool Package February + Winners contest

February 10th, 2012

Recordpool package number 13! We’re very happy to announce that James Nasty is our newest producer in the recordpool.

If you sign up now you’ll get the first month for free and get all the packs from last year(more than 2 GB). This deal will end 17 February!

This months tracks!
3 Doors Down – Kryptonite ( DJ Quality Qualo-More Remix )
Kevin Hart – Alright Alright Alright ( QualoMore Long Dick Remix )
Cobra Krames – Listen To The Track Bitch
James Nasty – Come Get It (feat Mike-Mike)
Creep ft Nina Sky – You (Cobra Krames Club Mix)
DJ J Heat – Beat That Bitch With A Bat #BBMG
DJ J Heat – Get Low Drop Low [Flex] Tokyo
DJ J Heat – Hit It [BBMG Remix] Ft. DJ Frosty
DJ J Heat – The Toonsquad Cannon
DJ K Millz – In For The Kill
DJ K Millz – Over Her Body (Ft. Fly Cec’s)
James Nasty – Them Do It Horns
Murder Mark – Buggalo
Murder Mark – Wave Ya Guns(Murder Mark Remix)
Wale – Slight Work( DJ Quality Wheres It At Remix)


Winners of the lifetime recordpool subscription are @jamelrockwell and @TheManJFran! Holla at us and get free club music for life!



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Round Of Applause (DJ K Millz Remix)

December 28th, 2011

Some crazy club heat from the Jersey-native club producer. It has that hectic booty bounce sound that sounds like it comes straight from those gritty, urban clubs. Produced by DJ K Millz from Newark, NJ.

Twitter: @DjKMillz

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Recordpool december 2011

December 12th, 2011

New tracks this month in the recordpool! Make sure you sign up! Next month its our one year anniversary so that one will be special!

Ass ( Quality Bmore Remix )
Avicii – Levels ( Qualo-More Remix )
Cobra Krames – Fireball (Cobra Krames NYClub Mix)
Cobra Krames – Pu$$y (Cobra Krames NYClub Mix)
Cobra Krames & DJ A.N.S. – Fake Ass Bitches (NYCLUB Mix)
DJ Jonty & Shish Boom Bah – Wasted
DJ K Millz – Choke Me _ Spank Me (Pull My Hair)
Dj K Millz – Falsetto Bounce x Saucy P
Dj K Millz – Gypsy Run (Instrumental)
Dj K Millz – Party
Drake – Headlines(Murder Mark Rock Off Remix)
Drake – Lord Knows ( Quality Bmore Remix )
Duck Sauce – Big bad wolf (DJ Jonty Refix)
Masters at Work – Work – (DJ Jonty Soca Bmore Remix)
Rihanna – We Found Love (Cobra Krames & Yamez NYClub Mix)
The Weekend ft Drake – The Crew ( Quality BMORE Remix )
DJ Bake – Toot it & Boot it

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Recordpool Package November + New webpage for the recordpool

November 3rd, 2011

We released a special page for our recordpool. Check it out at ! With testimonials by  Dubbel Dutch and DJ Clay Collier. If you haven’t sign up you definitely miss something. We already send out 11 packages with an average of 12 to 22 tracks. We have great club producers, variating from Baltimore Club, Philly Club, Jersey Club to NY Club. Check out the producers at our Producers page at the new recordpool website.

This is the tracklist of the November Package.


Adele – Someone LIke You ( Quality Bmore Edit ) clean
Calling ( Quality Bmore Edit )
Cobra Krames – I Like To Party
DJ Jonty – Starry Eyed (DJ Jonty Remix)
DJ K Millz – Girls Gone Wild (Ooh Oww) (clean)
DJ K Millz – Golden (clean)
DJ K Millz – Super BaSs (clean)
DJ K Millz – This Is How We
Drake – Headlines (Cobra Krames & Yamez NYCLUB Mix)
Drop That Bitch ( B-More Remix ) dirty
James Krown – Sleep (Cobra Krames NYCLUB Remix)
Murder Mark – Carry Out(Murder Mark Remix)(Instrumental)
Murder Mark – Do The Ayo
Murder Mark – Let It Out(#Jacked)
Murder Mark – Tear Shit Up(Cobra Krames Remix)
Murder Mark – Y’all Ain’t Ready(#Jacked)
Pumped Up Kicks (DJ Jonty Remix)
Quality – Si No Le Constesto ( Quality Bmore @138 BPM Remix )

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Ginuwine – Pony (K Millz Remix)

October 10th, 2011

 Dj K Millz’s remix of Ginuwine’s old school single – “Pony”

This Track is available in the Recordpool

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