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Cool Herq – Get Physical LP [Wile Out] Release

August 18th, 2016



Cool Herq is a dance music producer who’s been creating his own unique sound of dance music over the past couple of years. 

Think old-school sound with a new-school twist, taking elements from such genres as Ghetto House, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, 

Electro Funk, Uk Breaks and bringing them together to create a dance ready sound to play out in the clubs.

Cool Herq’s debut 8 track LP “Get Physical” has been in the works for sometime, taken influence from such house music pioneers as 

DJ Deeon, Armand Van Helden, Green Velvet, Scottie B & Jesse Perez, using samples from some classic hip-hop artists such as 

Missy Elliot, Splack Pack, N.W.A, Frank Ski, Big Daddy Kane & Slick Rick just to name a few.

Each track has been carefully crafted to create its own individual sound and drive, 

that would make your bodies move to the groove and your feet dance to the beat.

Make sure you go check out Cool Herq’s “Get Physical LP” via Wile Out and grab a free copy of the full release only for a limited time

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MFN’s Mix For SoundPlate Records

June 28th, 2015


A Mix That I Plan On Submitting To Soundplate Records

But I Have To Show Love To Too

Wish Me Luck & Enjoy The Mix Guys!!!!! ; D


1.) Animals – Maroon 5 (SBF Feat. Trippy , Paully InnaCut , KU$HCANNXN)
2.) TWISTA – So Sexy? (KBoW remix)
3.) Gutta x Dj K-Duecez – He Love Me 2
4.)Hoodboi – Palm Reader Feat. Lido (Gutta Remix)
5.)DJ Sega – Happy Days
6.)Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Ivan The Terrible Remix)
7.)TZESAR – Let the Music
8.)Skibblez – Do With My Lovin’ (Original Mix)
9.)Get Back Together (Diego B – M Remix)
10.)RobClemz – Should Be (Original Mix)
11.)The Refresher – I Can´t Stay
12.)Le Nonsense – Milk Dream (Original Mix)
13.)RobClemz – Lettre d’amour
14.)The Refresher – Passengers
16.)L.A Move
17.)Masques III – Stupid Besties Forever (TFC Remix)
18.)Skibblez – Know About It (Original Mix)
19.)The Refresher – Smiling Waves
20.)Zorbs – Conflict (RobClemz Rework)

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MFN’s Promo Mix For Disco Motion Records

November 18th, 2014



1.) J Paul Getto – Music In The Streets
2.)95 Royale – Reached The Sky Above
3.)Wear Out The Big Love (J Paul Getto’s Love & Hate Mix)
4.)The Emotions – Best Of My Love (Funkhameleon Best Night Of My Life Remix)
5.) Audio Jacker – Without Love (Original Mix)
6.)Donna Summer – Mystery Of Love (Chubby Fingers Remix)
7.)95 Royale x Lima Papa – Superlovin’
8.)George Benson – Turn Your Love Around (Funkhameleon Reboot)
9.)Funkhameleon – Play Games (Original Mix)
10.)Yakka – No Good (Funkhameleon Remix)
11.)Anthony Ross – So Fine In ’99 (Funkhameleon Drops The Disco Remix)
12.)Shauynboy – Keep Dancin (Original Mix)
13.)Moonchild – Love Birds (The Phantom’s Revenge -angry bird- Remix)
14.)La Zebra- Feel the Music (The Phantoms Revenge Remix)
15.)J PAUL GETTO – You Make Me Happy
16.)Funkhameleon – Can’t Resist Her (Original Mix)
17.)Robert Feelgood – 2 Cool 2 Boogie (Skibblez Remix)
18.)My NamE – Since You Left Me (Original Mix)
19.)Between You & Me (Original Mix)(Skibblez Remix)
20.)The Pasadenas – New Love (Funkhameleon First Love Remix)

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MFN’s Mix For Discobelle

August 27th, 2014


MFN’s Exclusive Mix For Discobelle

Play , Repost , Like , & Download <3

Please & Thank You Very Much : )


1.)L’Étranger – Falling For You (Original Mix)
2.)Dj Las K – Darlène (Le Nonsense Remix)
3.)Chic – I Want Your Love (Remix)
4.)Lady (PB&J Summer Compilation)
5.)Le Nonsense – Set My World On Fire (Original Mix)
6.)Make It Through (Original Mix)
7.)Felipe Avelar – Love You No More (Remix)
8.)A Better Day (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
9.)Michael Jackson – Sunset Driver (J. Casablanca Revival Remix)
10.)Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (J. Casablanca & Will Groove Remix)
11.)95 Royale – If We’re Together (Original Mix)
12.)Tzesar – In Love Again (Remix)
13.)DJ Funsko – Disco Mouse Groove (Remix)
14.)The phantom’s revenge – NOS Pleace remix
15.)Can You Feel The Sun? (Original Mix)
16.)All That I Have (Original Mix)

Smooth Side B

17.)Only One Touch (Original Mix)
18.)My NamE – Sunrise Talk (Original Mix)
19.)Tightshirt – Wembley (Skibblez ‘Smooth Move’ Remix)
20.)Les Loups – Amicus (Original Mix)
21.)L’Étranger – Slowly (feat. Dubwiser)
22.)Literature – Baby (Nanuq Remix)

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Now Or Never : The Lost Files (The Frenchie Disco Fever Verison)

July 19th, 2014



1.) Killing power (Intro)
2.) She Told Me (Original Mix)
3.) 95 Royale – Love By You
4.) Commercial Break #2 (Another Excuse’s edit remix)
5.) 95 Royale – Take Me Back (I’ll Do Whatever It Takes)
6.) Alliance Ethnik – Respect (DJ Las K Rework)
7.) Electric Dream Machine (Skit)
8.) Umberto Lumber – Picnic King (DJ Las K Remix)
9.) Just like old times
10.) The Phantom’s Revenge – Charlie
11.) Dmerit – Stuck On You (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
12.) Burn da red dog
13.) The Phantom’s Revenge – A Better Day (Boba Threat Bootleg)
14.) The Phantom’s Revenge – A Better Day x2 (dee-S Bootleg)
15.) The Phantom’s Revenge – Toasted (Feat. So Gold)
16.) Big Dope P – Let Me Flush Dat (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
17.) I Heard You Were Dead
18.) The Phantom’s Revenge – Machine Gun Girl
19.) Late
20.) Saturated Phat Impact (Treasure Fingers Edit)
21.) 3 minutes with Apollo Creed
22.) Money Money Money
23.) Moondancer
24.) Take Your Love
25.) Last Night (Outro)

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Megapost 02 : DJ Hook

April 26th, 2014


Megapost 02 : DJ Hook

Stay Tuned For Next Saturday’s Megapost 03

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