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Kenny99 x TBJB – BunnyCake **Let Them Eat Club vol.6**

April 12th, 2017
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Thunderbird Juicebox – Got Juice EP [Wile Out] (Free Download)

October 30th, 2016



Thunderbird Juicebox is one of Baltimore’s most prolific club music producers that the city has birthed. He has taken the city’s iconic club sound in several directions over the years, from its 808s-and-breaks roots to crossovers spanning various sub-genres of hip-hop and EDM, with a body of work so large and packed full with features from hometown hero’s such as TT the Artist, Mighty Mark, Diamond K, Rye Rye, DDM, Normaling & Blaqstarr, as well as international acts such as Jovi Rockwell, D-DOTS, Nicky Da B (RIP), Roxy Cottontail, MC Zulu and so much more you will need to look into Thundrbird Juicebox’s back catalogue of club music gems.

Thunderbird Jukebox’s latest five track release “Got Juice” EP, showcases a diverse interpretation of the Baltimore Club formula. Floor-shaking rhythms and frantic, chopped vocals segue into lush melodies and layers of groovy percussion in a seamless nod to the old school, the new wave, and previously unexplored sounds; expect the unexpected.

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Cool Herq – Get Physical LP [Wile Out] Release

August 18th, 2016



Cool Herq is a dance music producer who’s been creating his own unique sound of dance music over the past couple of years. 

Think old-school sound with a new-school twist, taking elements from such genres as Ghetto House, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, 

Electro Funk, Uk Breaks and bringing them together to create a dance ready sound to play out in the clubs.

Cool Herq’s debut 8 track LP “Get Physical” has been in the works for sometime, taken influence from such house music pioneers as 

DJ Deeon, Armand Van Helden, Green Velvet, Scottie B & Jesse Perez, using samples from some classic hip-hop artists such as 

Missy Elliot, Splack Pack, N.W.A, Frank Ski, Big Daddy Kane & Slick Rick just to name a few.

Each track has been carefully crafted to create its own individual sound and drive, 

that would make your bodies move to the groove and your feet dance to the beat.

Make sure you go check out Cool Herq’s “Get Physical LP” via Wile Out and grab a free copy of the full release only for a limited time

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Fade (LUNY P Club Mix)

March 13th, 2016


Where the hell has LUNY P been? We haven’t heard from him for the longest, till this happened.

LUNY P is back and this time his sound is developed into the true producer that he is, after being absent from his production for a minute to focus on his label Wile Out and recently moving to LA in search of insight. LUNY P comes back with a vengeance on his latest remix of Fade by Kanye West off his infamously album titled ‘the Life Of Pablo’. LUNY P takes fade and brings it up to speed with an up beat, dancehall, ghetto house groove with that all important club break! Check out what LUNY P has been up too below

Follow LUNY & his label at:


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Sia – Chandelier Cover By Keilah DJ D ROC’EM Remix

June 13th, 2015



Here is a cover from the song Sia chandelier performed by keilah & Produced By DJ D ROC’EM hope you guys enjoy it ..Like Repost Show Love also Check Out TeamKeilah TeamROC’EM Instagram @DJDROCEM Twitter @DJDROCEM

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Rip Knoxx

February 24th, 2015


Bootlegs still bang. Really liking what Rip Knoxx did with this, the juxtaposition of Rip’s signature somber melodies against Kaye’s tribute to his daughter North, that is sung from the perspective of his late mother, Donda West.

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